Back to School!

School is in full swing now and our young artists have been hard at work studying and making art. They have learned about Jackson Pollock, an abstract expressionist painter, and Johannes Vermeer, a Dutch artist. Next week the students will study Pablo Picasso.

This week was Intersession and the theme was Outer Space. We used art as a creative pathway for studying science — Phases of the Moon, the Milky Way and other galaxies, the moon’s effect on lake and ocean tides, gravity on earth vs. gravity in outer space, and more. Students explored various techniques and media such as watercolor, acrylic paint, and markers to show us the Phases of the Moon, a cityscape, and stars in the night sky.

Do you know where the idea of the man in the moon came from?

Why did people think the moon was made of cheese?

Answers to follow in next post.