The Young Artistic Minds nonprofit organizations vision is to help schools in Genesee county put arts education back into their schools. Through funding we provide teaching artists who teach the different mediums in the visual arts. From learning the fundamentals of art and exploring the principles of design, to experimenting with various materials, to learning that the history of art is a record of different civilizations and cultures. We will also supply all materials needed.

In the art room the children will experiment, learn techniques, and broaden their aesthetic awareness. This arts education program exposes students to visual art, including photography and technology-based visual arts.

Through the Young Artistic Minds arts education program, students learn to be perceptive, flexible, and creative while learning the vocabulary and concepts associated with different types of work in the visual arts. They are exposed to various tools, processes, and media so as they move through the grades, they develop skills of observation and experience growth in their ability to describe, interpret, evaluate, and respond to art in the visual world around them. Students explore two-dimensional and three-dimensional media. Students are given the opportunity to participate in hands-on-activities that focus on the elements and principles of art, establish an encounter with people of other lands, become aware of the relationship between art and other academic disciplines, and are exposed to artists appropriate to their age level.

The teaching artists develop lesson plans tailored to each grade level and learning ability of each student. Throughout the school year the student’s artwork will be displayed in their school, local libraries and/or community events, where family, friends and the community will be invited to view the artwork the young artists have created. The Young Artistic Minds Nonprofit Organization will host this event.